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Pam Avery

Phone:  404.545.0247

Email:   contact@birthstories.life

"I had never even heard of a Doula until my friend introduced me to Pam Avery.  I was 14 weeks pregnant with our first baby, so excited, and after meeting Pam I became even more excited!  From the first meeting I began to draw so much strength from her pure passion for birth and seeing life come into this world.  Her confidence in the woman's body and constant encouragement made me believe and KNOW that this was going to be the best experience of my life, and it was!  She was very thorough in each meeting and I was so comfortable with her right from the start!  She equipped me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  My husband was able to rest and not be anxious because he saw that we were in good hands!  When it came to the day of birth, she blew us away!  I had an 18 hour natural/unmedicated birth in the hospital, and she was by my side, working, coaching, and encouraging me the entire time.    From the cold compresses on my head, helping me in and out of positions, her tender care and encouraging words...I honestly don't know how I would have persevered through such a labor without her.  She helped guide us in the days that followed as we had questions with our new little girl.  She went above and beyond!  I haven't met many women as selfless and kind as Pam.  Add that to her incredible knowledge and skills in the birth process and it is priceless!  She is now an important part of my family and I love her dearly!   I highly recommend her services, because there isn't a better event in your life to put your best toward, and Pam made our special day so relaxed and purely enjoyable!  I'll always be so thankful for her and have great memories, as she helped make January 23rd 2015 the best day of our lives!"

​                                                                                                                                                                                             - Christy, mother of Molly Grace

"My husband and I were blessed to have Pam as our doula with our  3rd pregnancy of our sweet son Jude.  It was a very different pregnancy and  labor from my other two sons and Pam was there for us every step of the way.  When we ended up on bed rest for preterm labor,  she was there...  When we ended up in the hospital many weeks later with a stalled labor,  she came to offer support and assistance.... And when it was finally "go time"... She was there from start to finish lending support and encouragement .  She helped us acheive our goal of another beautiful natural birth even when we were up against a few odds.  Pam's peaceful,  loving and serving heart made her such a blessing to our family and she provided such peace and reassurance to us at every step of the process to bring our sweet son here safely and healthy.  She worked so perfectly and respectfully with the nurses and Midwives also caring for me and was most respectful of my husband's role as my primary support in labor.   She knew just when to step up and when to step back and provided us with perfect support.  She will forever be considered a part of our family in sharing this sacred occasion of welcoming this precious member of our family into the world! What a beautiful gift birth is,  especially when a mother and father can be supported so lovingly during such a sacred and blessed event!"

                                                                                                                                                                 -Tammie, mother of Jude Decker